Introducing Hive’s New In-Store Floral Design Studio


    Hive’s floral studio specializes in:  

    • Beautiful, fresh-cut flower arrangements (both custom and pre-made) for all occasions 
    • A variety of stunning live and faux orchid plantings available in your choice of cache pot 
    • A selection of unique, potted plants to add a bright, lively dimension to your indoor or outdoor décor 


    Hive’s lead floral designer can provide a range of custom services: 

    • In-home flower and plant installations for special occasions or on a regularly scheduled basis 
    • The perfect setting for parties in your home by artfully combining florals with tabletop and accessories from Hive 
    • Holiday decorating with seasonal florals and décor

    Let Hive fulfill all your floral needs

    Contact Us:

    Susan Lewis, Floral Designer
    561.54.0322 X 318  

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